Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Somethings a littel Ratty

A couple of weeks ago Ryan told me he had a rat in the attic above his head. It scurried around, making little pitter patter sounds and he did not like it because it was creepy and sounded like someone else was in the room. I told him to be nice, it was probably very nice and this had been its house before his. They heard me! The other night I heard little pitter patter over my room. I sort of like the way it sounds. I fell asleep and that’s all I knew of it. Last night I knew a little more. I woke up around 2. I wake up every night all night now. Either is it is the malaria pills or my psyci is just off the chain because I have been having some freaky dreams. Last night I woke with my dreams slightly incorporating this weird background noise. The were scurrying, or it, all over my ceiling, really fast, zigzagging. Not a soothing pitter patter of little feet but really not so bad, and then…. It all accumulated into a construction site directly above my head. I mean this as literally as you possibly can when you are talking about rats in the roof. My bed is put into a corner, with my head in that same corner. DIRECTLY, over were my head was they they/it started hammering, moving, rolling, sawing, banging, and my no means quietly. It was a little after two in the morning, I tried to ignore it, thinking they had to stop soon. An hour, I just could not fall asleep with it. I tried listing to my music, it was impossible to drown it out. I got up to stumble outside and maybe by the time I had peed they would have finished construction, they had not. On my excursion through the rest of the house I also noticed that they were no where to be heard but my room. Hmmmmm, fishy I say! It went on and on. I wanted to get mad but had to remind myself they were rats, and it was their house and I had said I liked them. My bad. I now know how people who live in apartment stacked on top of one another with noisy neighbors feel, Banging on the ceiling with brooms or what ever they can find. I actually resorted to that with a stick I had in my room. It worked for all of two minutes, and then was totally ineffective, I still stood up on my bed every so often to bang on the ceiling. This went on for hours, and I eventually fell asleep to it. But as I lay there, wanting to club a rat with my stick, not bang on the ceiling all I could think of was they must be building some magnificent contraption. Maybe like the "if you build it they will come" Maybe because I said I liked them it would be along the lines of that movie where the man has all the rats that follow him. I know how much bubba would like that knowing how much he loves rats. Or maybe it is some grand city. I just imagined the ostentatious, splendid, crazy things they could be building, all the wild indifferent to our foolishness, or maybe laughing at how they have us tricked. Maybe it was a time machine. If so I sure hope they let me use it. Though it may be a tad small. I might have come up with a logical answer for what they were doing, but quite frankly there was none. I have never heard such. At 8 o’clock when I woke up they were still at it in the exact same place. Once the house really woke up they stopped. I image they were pretty tiered. Working on grand schemes all night is a tiring business I imagine.

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