Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I’m headed to Goycay today for thanksgiving – I little early but we cant get leave during the week. I think pretty much everyone else is going to Baki for the annual thanksgiving dinner. I think it is usually over 100 people and that is just too many people for me and thanksgiving. I think thanksgiving is actually one of my favorite holidays. I love the food, I loved the cooking, and I used to love going to the mountains for thanksgiving. I also love the weather. Crisp, but not freezing. So me and Kat are having out own thanksgiving. Our lovely families sent us some food that we could not get and then we are going to round up anything else we can find. Packing list to go to Goycay – pair of warm pants, random boxed goods that have shown up in the mail.

So it was good. We cooked, a lot, eat a tone and them for some reason, continued to eat through the night. Then I became sick. Well actually, that happened the next day. I woke up not feeling right. Prayed the whole way home on the marshutka that I would not throw up and then heartily made up for it once I got home. I either ate until I was sick literally or my body was just not ready for such different kinds of food. It does live of potatoes, grease and noodles right now. I let my mom and sister do bonka on me. This is where the take these glass jars and suction them to your back using fire. They say if they turn red or black there is sickness. O don’t think I needed the bonka to tell me that and sadly it did not make me feel any better. It did feel pretty good if not a little strange. It is sorta like having someone put really big hickies all over your back but really close together so your skin is pulled really tight.

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