Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I love you all and we have power at work for the first time in about two weeks - praise the lord I'm not freezing today - I asked about it the other day and was told it was becasue we would not pay them bribes. Luckely they can evedently only abuse one person at a time for so long, or we paided a bribe. Who can really know. Speaking on azerbaijan's crappy courruption. I was reading an article in News Week, though it must be noted in my opinion it is not the most reliable source for world information as it is very scewed. It was called "The Power of Petroleum" and talked about how smaller nations have more resources and less reason to bend to outside forces due to oil and its rising prices. It reads, and I quote "In countries like Nigeria and Azerbaijan, the result is repressive and corrupt political institutions and bloated bureaucracies sustained by oil money" the picture going with the articly is title "THE CURSE OF OIL : Feild workers in Baku, Azerbaijan" it is a picture of one of the disgusting oil feilds that ruin the environment and help currupt the governemtn even farther, or at least give them the means to be courrupt. Thank you News Week, this somewhat makes up for the articla printed a few months ago, though I cant rememnber which exact one, that managed related militants with guns to peace corps volunteers. You know we are so similar. Cant win um all

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