Wednesday, August 29, 2007

few pics

me with ryans host dad - i love grapes
below - this is a woman's (qadin) salon - the VIAGRA womans salon - thats my kind of salon!!

<- business woman by day - house builder later that day - and they are thrifty - this is made od mud bricks, card board, and random wood. below
- me and tarzan - the first "pet" dot i'v seen. they are still pretty rough on her so I play with here a lot - they seem to be catching on.

<- me and my watermelon children - I eat a lot of waternmelon so my family started calling me their water melon daughter - they then said I ate my husband but that these were my children - I said I would eat them too.

<- a mosque, one of many, but this one let us, women, in as long as we covered our heads

<- can you find Mario

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