Saturday, September 1, 2007

a running list

So I thought I would start an ongoing list of likes and dislikes ... here we go

-Azeri humor – say in Barda
-Call to prayer
-That they are soooooo generous
-Take you right into their family and make you a part of it
-Always willing to help
-Watermelons are dirt cheap and delicious all summer
- all fruits and vegetable are wonderful and FRESH
-They do A LOT for you
-their sense of time - SLOW
-that moo moos are an acceptable form of dress
- the art work
- actually learned to love hot cay

-Their fear of all that is cold, especially ice
-The trash
-Being stuck of a sweaty martshuka while the fat lady beside you tries to sleep of you for -5 hours
-There are no fresh fruits and vegetables in winter
- not being allowed to do certain things because I am a girl
-not being allowed to do certain things because I am guest – for months
-their sense of time when I’m in a hurry, ha ha!
- the bathroms- or lack there of- or there might as well not not be because the are disqusting

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Corinth Doodles said...

Watermelon sounds good to me!!