Sunday, January 6, 2008

oh the snow

So its been one hell of a day today – I woke up to the wonder of snow – yea – being from South Carolina that’s exciting – and then made the wise decision to go for a walk in the woods – the only wood in town – which are slowly being chopped up for firewood by the local IDP’s – Of course this morning there was more slush on the road than snow – If I had been smart, after the first big truck roared past and coated me with that very same sludge, I would have turned around and headed home – I did not - I went to the circle – the main part of town – to meet Ryan – he was a little late and as I stood in the snow, by the road waiting I realized the snow somehow made the men even more atrocious than usual – I guess seeing a woman standing alone in the cold snow make then think she is extra vulnerable and willing to get in their car – or maybe they think the prostitutes come out in the snow – who can tell – As soon as I saw Ryan I took off so I would not have to stand in front of the stores and be propositioned and was happily harassed some more crossing the bridge as well as re-drenched in twice as much freezing road sludge – I was so grumpy by the time Ryan caught up with me on the other side I could not even take joy in an innocent mouse – actually a huge orange mouse – see the memorial park we passed through had a Christmas thing set up that that has had people in costumes out there for a week or two – for some reason the only thing out there today was a huge neon orange mouse – but all I could think about was the creepy Azeri man lurking underneath. God it was a good start – luckily the woods were glorious, empty and beautiful – I stomped home happy and full of joy again – took off my nice leather, mink oil, so water proof, boots – only to realize my feet were so cold because evidently they were not so water proof – but at least I was home – oh wait – somehow in my tramping too hell, through the woods and back I had lost my keys – the only ones to get into my room at the house and my work key – shit! I then proceeded to venture back out – this time in tennis shoes, destined to be soaked – to hopelessly and futilely wandering searching the ground for my key – fat chance and it was – Drudging back home I realized the only thing that make men worse than snow is a forlorn looking woman staring at the ground as she walks – I actually picked up a Mercedes car stalker in broad daylight – In the end thank god for my family – they told me it was all fine – told me to eat and my dad and uncles proceeded to kick my door down – literally – Thank you amie – a good uncle and a good man - J so in the end I was as happy a pea – sort of – The snow is still falling strong and ice is taking over – by morning it will probably be a regular winter wonderland – and cold as hell – I do hope my boots are dry and I can find some cloths that fit

On a happy not for all who love communes – Jason seems to have started one at his house – the commune is a little too much group love and togetherness for me but it is not bad and produces lots of good food – it has been decided the next step it to start collecting guns and move from commune to compound – oh I see where this is going – better make sure I slip out before the cool-aid is served

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