Sunday, January 27, 2008

hey all

Ilham Aliyev passed through Barda the other day – for several days before they tossed paint on walls and swept some – moved dead animals – the day of all streets were closed – the cops drove around in their VW’s yelling on their loud speakers – finally he arrived – he passed through the main part of town with about 15-20 other big black tinted windowed SUV’s and several cops, going about 90 miles and hour – leaving the people on the street to dig the freshly swept dirt out or their eyes that the entourage had slung at them

I know of one family of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Barda – though there could be more – but I doubt many. Technically Azerbaijan is open religiously. I was told during soviet times no one was really religious but after the fall they just sort of became religious again – Evidently the mother of the family was just brought into the polis station and basically threatened and told she could/should not practice – She was very upset and said she would not change – I asked why – they did not know exactly why she was brought in – as there is no law – but thought that maybe the cops were looking for a bribe – this particular women refused to pay bribes.

My brother has a weird love for ice – he just carries it around and plays with is – maybe it has to do with the fact he is not allowed to eat it. Ice makes you sick

They say the Rain Forest is drying up and burning – good job world

What has the world come to when Monks can be beaten, murdered, imprisoned and chased from their homes – what has the world come to when things are so crazy that the Monks feel the need to take to the street – Ask Burma

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