Sunday, March 16, 2008


Spring oh Spring la di da – its shiny it bright it makes me light – oh la da da dancing a jig - if only I was irish and the river dance did not look so much like the azrie stomp these days – la fa di da, spring
The apricots are the “1st”to come into full bloom – well the first of the fruit trees – there were some before it but they are not fruit trees – the weeping willows are early to bud too and are a beautiful neo – lime green for a while. Thing have been budding out for several weeks and the Apricots have began bloom for over a week – a sour green fruit – I cant remember its name but don’t think we have it – was nest and the cherries are coming now – and I saw apples trying to do something – I love this time of year – It have been spring for weeks and weeks but the flowers make it all the better – I did hear that because we ha such a sever winter we might have a hat spring soon- but that might just be Azeri hoopla –
Turkeys are funny creature – we have several in our yard along with lots of chickens – they have always lived peacefully but a week or so ago a Turkey-Chicken war broke out - - who knows why – literally is was the roosters vs. the Turkey hens(im not sure if the have another name) the gobbler just fluffed way up and did a turkey dance – screaming – We just got another gobbler - they say he will be Novrous dinner – Well him and the other turkey have come to a truce but for a while were going at it we had too pull them apart – they are sort of funny when they fight – it is almost slow motion – another interesting thing about turkeys to me is the fact that the toms – yea I thing that is the name for the male – the change colors like a chameleon – One min there head will be a pail color – I will come back later it will be bright red and will even turn vivid robin blue –

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