Saturday, June 23, 2007

so off I go

I am flying to Philly tomorrow. The nervousness has just kicked in and I wish I had been more prompt with shit so I could be in bed now. This is just a nice break from last min. packing. - love you all - keep in touch.



Anonymous said...

Found you randomly - my boyfriend just left for AZB today as well. Have a safe trip, and I look forward to reading more in the future!

Anonymous said...

Hey Crack Ho,
I love you and I will be praying for you. Sorry we did not get to hang out before you left. I will think of you every day and let me know how everything is going or if you need anything.

Corinth Doodles said...

Love you Mere. Safe travels. It will be a wonderful adventure I'm sure. Janessa's husband's sister is leaving for AZB soon as well to teach language. I'll try and get her info for you!


Lisa said...

Hey Meredith! Hope your big adventure is going great! How funny that we are both making these moves at the same time! CA is good so far - I kind of feel like I'm on vacation - only I feel bad that Eric is having to go to work everyday! We spent the 4th on the beach and at the huge county fair - so many different people - you would love it! Anyway, I'm thinking about you - please be safe! Love you!

jessie said...

Hey mere how u doin,did u get my email address hope so,i love u so much and hope ur doin good,your the best cousin ever

love jess