Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mixed Reviews

I joined this Azerbaijan Network on face book. I have met the nicest and most interesting people. Marines-people form Azerbaijan-people working with different companies-and those who just moved for other random reasons. They are almost all young, so I guess my demographics will be off and I am going to miss out on a lot of info, but it is still a world of help. Everyone seems to genuinely want to help, and a lot of them have made the same long term moves ( usually for some other reason) and want to share what they found out. So, everyone who has taken the time to write me, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!

I have heard from two guys in the Peace Corps AZ4, they will be leaving about a month or two after we get there. I am getting sort of mixed review on how people like it. It is probably best if I just listen to the good stuff. I have no urge to show up pre-depressed. I think I will have enough of that in due time ;) After talking with one of the guys I am starting to change my ideas of what I am going to be doing. I was thinking out in bum fuck, with some cows and farmers. This other guy is in CED and is working in an American NGO. I am starting to think I might be working less directly with the farmers and and more with a bigger organization that they are all related to. I am not sure how I like that. -More remote, less Americanized or more Americanized but more convenience? I guess it depend on how much I want to suffer while I am there and how much I want to have to adjust. I don't really know why I am even thinking about it. It is not like I really have much say anyhow:)

Here is a list of things that I have gathered so so far, as the more pertinent
1. Taxi Drivers They are going to try, and I am quite sure succeed, at cheating me (at least until I can figure out what is going on)

2.English My host family is more than likely going to try and make me teach them and/or their children English - and when I refuse, even politely, they are going to talk trash:)

3.Summers are hot and humid as hell, as someone told me "
In fact, it is not Saudi Arabia but sometimes it is unbearable because of the humidity" - Though I know even less about Saudi Arabia so that analysis was a little ever my head.

4.Boots/Warm Coat It is not that winters are that bad, but I will never find a either of these that will last more than a month- at least not on my future budget - almost nothing.

If there is anything else supper important it cant be that important b/c is all I can remember right now. Maybe my brain is just being overloaded.

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